Magdeburger Sigorta meets its agencies in Ankara, Adana and İzmir

Magdeburger Sigorta came together with its agencies in Central Anatolia, Southeast-Eastern Anatolia and Aegean Regions with the occasion of 3 regional meetings between June 20-26.

In the Magdeburger Agencies Regional Meetings organized with the theme of “We are Here for You” the present and future of the insurance sector were evaluated. Agencies coming together with all executives of Magdeburger Sigorta at the meetings, revised their business processes at the workshops and refreshed their road maps to be able to offer a better quality and innovative service to their customers.

Zafer Uçar Board Member and General Manager of Magdeburger Insurance gave information about 175 years of both global and local history of the company. Stating that Magdeburger Sigorta has a well-established brand power as well as an experienced staff in insurance and finance sectors Zafer Uçar said that “We started with our agencies and business partners to provide reliable and high quality service in all branches of insurance. Out priority is to work with all of our agencies, business partners and insurers around Turkey to contribute to the insurance industry and our economy. For this reason, we put ourselves in place of our agents and insurers while creating our business processes.”

Emphasizing that in addition to strong agency network, they also give importance to the requests and opinions of them, Uçar said their aim is not to increase the number of agencies very quickly but to offer innovative products and services making life easier with strong agency structure and business method around Turkey.


29 Tem 2019 - 20:28 - Sigorta

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