Products making a difference in Auto Insurances are in HDİ Sigorta

HDI Sigorta becoming popular with its innovative activities in the insurance sector, offers easy solutions to its customers with the ‘Trafikasko’ and ‘Advantageous Automobile Insurance’ products by combining traffic insurance and automobile insurance.

All the guarantees required in automobile insurance are at HDI Sigorta ‘Trafikasko’. HDI Sigorta secures the vehicle of the insurer, insurer himself and third parties against many risks with Trafikasko in a single policy. Offering both a price advantage and all the required guarantees in a single policy, Trafikasko makes payment and monitoring easier and includes many advantages with a reasonable price policy for good drivers.

Noting that the customer needs are constantly changing and developing in the insurance sector as in every sector in today’s market conditions Ufuk UL, HDI Sigorta Automobile Insurances Deputy General Manager said that: In the products and services we offer as HDI Sigorta, we keep up our studies that are fully capable of meeting the changing and developing needs of the customers. With our Traffikasko product, we offer an affordable policy where all the guarantees are gathered together for the customers in order to fulfil the criteria of no damages in the traffic for many years.

Avantajlı Kasko’ (Advantageous Automobile Insurance) is another product offering traffic and automobile insurance guarantees together. This product is recommended to customers with certain features like Trafikasko without any age limit. The most important feature of the product is that the premium price of automobile insurance is 1 TRY or less per day. It has a complementary feature of the traffic policy. In the event of accidental damage, while the traffic policy covers the damage of the other vehicle to an extent of the damage of the insurer, Avantajlı Kasko covers the damage of the insurer’s vehicle up to the vehicle value regardless of the damage. Damages from towing away the vehicle having glass damage in case of fault or an accident are also covered under this policy.

A special product of HDI Sigorta in the Insurance Sector is the ‘Pert Araç Genişletilmiş Kasko’ (Scrapped Vehicle Extended Automobile Insurance). It is a product that insures your scrapped car which is properly repaired for safe driving; when you decide to purchase the Pert Araç Genişletilmiş Kasko, your vehicle will be inspected free of charge to check whether it is suitable for safe driving. This helps to protect the safety of life and property, of you and others in traffic. In addition, since the scrapped cars are not insured, their purchase value decreases. Pert Araç Genişletilmiş Kasko increases the purchase value of your vehicle. If it is purchased by a loan, the need for automobile insurance during the credit is also covered.

UL added that: “We will continue to offer similar products in the future in the insurance sector where competition is increasing every single day. It is important for us to reach the customer, understand the needs and to meet them in the best way. We aim to grow by developing new products and services adding value to the sector and our customers instead of continuing with the existing share in the insurance sector. As HDI Sigorta, we will continue to make a difference in changing world and market conditions.



29 Tem 2019 - 20:19 - Sigorta

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