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Aksigorta is chosen the best workplace of Turkey

Aksigorta providing a ‘unique’ perspective to insurance sector is awarded as ‘Best Workplace of Turkey’ under Aon Best Employers 2018 program

Aksigorta providing a ‘unique’ perspective to insurance sector is awarded as ‘Best Workplace of Turkey’ under Aon Best Employers 2018 program

Aksigorta bringing ‘unique’ perspective to insurance sector with the New Generation Insurance idea, won the "Best Workplace of Turkey - Aon Best Employer” award within the scope of research measuring perfection of workplace conducted with employees for more than 50 years by Aon Hewitt, one of the leading companies of human resources and management consulting field.

The award that Aksigorta won is designated in accordance with the leadership, employer brand and performance culture index as well as employee loyalty. Stating that it is very proud to deserve such an award, Aksigorta Deputy General Manager Ayşegül Gürkal said, "It is a great pleasure for us to be deemed worthy to ‘Best Workplace of Turkey- Aon Best Employer’ award also with the opinion of our employees. It is pride and joy for us to be the only company winning this award in the sector. We strive to ensure that our employees live and reflect their potential and become the best of their business. We aim to offer a business environment that will enable all Aksigorta employers to improve themselves continuously working in collaboration, to be one step ahead of the needs of the changing world and to be the person transforming the insurance business producing results, realizing themselves. In this respect, we have implemented projects that we aim to exceed expectations in employee experience listening to our employees with mixed working groups in 2018. We also designed and implemented long-term development programs, practical e-learning and video trainings special to the departments and employee segments in education and development field. We brought new talents both to Aksigorta and insurance sector with “Management Trainee” program prepared for young talents who will lead the digital world of the future. We redesigned our career paths to be more open, clearer and more transparent using “Your Career, Your Aksigorta” slogan. We redesigned all end-to-end touch points in the Aksigorta experience in employee-focused way thanks to our employee experience journey project. We expanded our collaboration between platforms and inter-function working groups and innovation culture along the company and implemented new ideas and new products using these platforms. As Aksigorta Human Resources, we continue to work in the light of the same values and priorities, and we are glad to receive our award in the name of all Aksigorta employees.



23 May 2019 - 23:00 - Sigorta

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