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A Full of Health Collobration from HDI Sigorta and Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta!

HDI Sigorta A.Ş. and Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta A.Ş. have taken upon a collobration in the field of Private Health Insurance.

HDI Sigorta, one of the insurance industry’s pioneers, is entering into a new era by expanding its product range in the field of health insurance. The policyholders who are covered by HDI Sigorta with the product options of Private Health Insurance, Custom Supplementary Health Insurance, Custom Birth Insurance, Private Elective Coverage, and Emergency Health Insurance within the framework of the collaboration with Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta, will be able to benefit from the wide network of contracted institutions and program advantages with the senCard membership program.

In terms of collaboration, HDI Sigorta General Manager Ceyhan Hancıoğlu stated, “The Covid-19 pandemic reminded us once again of the value of our health and the significance of actions to be adopted in this field.” In this time of increased interest and awareness in health insurance, we will be there for our policyholders with products that meet their needs and with our unwavering service. We would like to thank the Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta Family, who are experts in their fields, once more for their collobration.”

“With the senCard Membership Program , which is a reflection of our concept of a healthy and happy adviser of life, we bring together our value propositions beyond our main focus and our insurer identity in a single ecosystem,” remarked the CEO of Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta A.Ş. Gökhan Gürcan. In this context, we are pleased that HDI Sigorta, one of the sector’s most dependable and leading players, has joined the senCard Membership Program, which allows us to share our strongest assets with prestigious insurance companies while also allowing them to share their knowledge and strenghts with us. Our goal with this collaboration is not just to expand the market and enhance our market shares, but also to contribute to a healthier, longer, and happier life for the holders by using groundbreaking methods. “Within the scope of this collaboration with HDI Sigorta, we are even stronger together and will provide significant value to the health sector,” stated the CEO.



02 Ağu 2021 - 15:30 - Sigorta

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