Groupama Driving Academy’s Safe Driving Tips

Groupama Sigorta, which has been organizing safe driving events under the auspices of Groupama Driving Academy since the end of 2020, has announced the key factors to consider before hitting the road.

Groupama Sigorta made recommendations for safe driving for those heading off for vacation while also contributing to road safety by providing free safe driving training to motor insurance policyholders as part of its responsibility project aimed at reducing car accidents. Groupama Sigorta emphasized the importance of automobile insurance in protecting against risks that may occur on the road by reminding that it is mandatory for vehicles to have valid traffic insurance.

Detailing the precautions to be taken before and during the journey, as well as the risks that may occur, Groupama Sigorta listed its safe driving recommendations as follows:

  • Check the condition of the tires, the cleanliness of the headlights, and the visibility of the windows carefully before getting into the vehicle.
  • Check that there are no loose objects in the vehicle, your seat and mirror settings are correct, you are wearing your seat belt, and that all of your passengers are wearing their seat belts before starting the vehicle. Remember that wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of serious injury in an accident by 45%.
  • Do not exceed speed limits and do not closely follow the vehicle in front of you to avoid accidents. Do not use your cellphone while driving. Remember that talking on your cellphone while driving increases the likelihood of an accident by 400%.
  • Keep your focus on the road while driving. Concentration requires energy. Take a nap before the trip and take 15-minute break every 2 hours to keep your concentration.
  • Finally, remember to be polite and tolerant in traffic.

Driver errors are at blame for 88% of road accidents in Turkey. The most common causes of driver errors resulting in traffic accidents are exceeding speed limits, closely following the car in front, failing to comply with transition priorities at intersections, and talking on the phone while driving. Here are the precautions that can be taken against these errors.

  • Get on the road early, instead of exceeding the speed limit. This will relieve the stress that leads you to rush while driving.
  • Maintain a spacing of at least 2 seconds between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. This distance will allow you to intervene in the event of a potential danger.
  • Priority is granted to the vehicle inside the junction at roundabouts. Remain aware of the “Give way” sign.
  • Even if you use a Bluetooth headset to make a phone call, your mind will be unable to comprehend what is occurring on around you. So, switch off your phone, before you start the car.

Don’t forget to get your mandatory traffic insurance to cover yourself against the risks and consequences of car accidents, as well as motor insurance for your vehicle.


02 Ağu 2021 - 15:37 - Sigorta

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