Appointment to the Human Resources Directorate of AXA Sigorta

Zeynep Ergenç has been appointed to the AXA Sigorta’s Human Resources Directorate. Ergenç will also play a part in the Executive Board of AXA Sigorta…

Zeynep Ergenç, who had been working as the Human Resources Manager at AXA Sigorta, one of Turkey’s most established insurance companies, for nearly three years, began her duty as the Human Resources Director and Executive Board Member. Ergenç will handle every stage of the employee experience cycle, from young talent programs to employer brand management, from recruitment to orientation, talent management to talent development, performance management to total earnings package management, throughout her new role.

In her review of her new position, Zeynep Ergenç, Human Resources Director of AXA Sigorta, stated, “At AXA, we work every day to preserve what is important for humanity, for the advancement of humanity.” To that end, as part of a global brand that places “people” at the center of all of it, we are happy to build the future with the digital transformation we have gone through and the investments we have made in technology beginning today to provide fast solutions for today’s rapidly changing expectations and needs, as well as with the talent management and personal development journey we offer. Furthermore, we do not march alone on this path; although our “Future Faculty” program prepares our agencies for the future, we also design the future through the diverse and extensive studies we conduct in collaboration with young talents; we always “Move with Youth.” While we support their growth through these activities, we also have a fun experience in which we get to know the young people better and learn a lot from them. I am happy and proud to be a part of an institution that acts as a solution partner in every step of its customers’, stakeholders’, and employees’ experiences by anticipating future risks and acting with a sense of social responsibility, while also seizing the opportunities that the future will bring.”

Zeynep Ergenç began her career in the pharmaceutical industry and has worked in the Human Resources Departments of pharmaceutical giants such as Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKlein for 7 years. Ergenç entered the insurance industry after transferring from GlaxoSmithKline to Allianz Worldwide Partners in 2017 as the head of the Human Resources Department. Zeynep Ergenç, who has taken on the role of the Human Resources Manager at AXA Sigorta since 2018, will remain with AXA as the Human Resources Director and Executive Board Member. Ergenç speaks fluent French and English and she graduated from Koç University’s Department of Psychology following her education at the Private Saint-Benoit French High School.


02 Ağu 2021 - 16:22 - Sigorta

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