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NN Group ending its investments related to coal in 10 years

NN Group, together with its assets manager NN Investment Partners (NN IP) developed a comprehensive policy about thermal coal. The NN Group will apply a gradual exit process from coal-related investments in 10 years as required by the policy including several elements related to different operating activities. It will also accord its insurance agency services policy with the investment side to ensure consistency in the company.

Operating in 18 countries with 170 years of insurance experience in insurance and investment management areas NN Group developed a comprehensive policy about thermal coal together with its assets manager NN Investment Partners (NN IP). Selling its existing thermal coal mining investments and focusing on shifting to lower-carbon energy types, NN Group will gradually end its existing owner’s equity investments in coal-related mining and infrastructure services companies by 2030.

NN Group’s coal policies are directly proportional to the company’s values, responsible investment policies and the support of Paris Agreement. The combination of different elements of the policy contributes to the transition to a low-carbon economy of the company. NN Group aims to accord its independency from coal policy with its insurance agency enterprise at the end of 10 years.

NN Life and Retirement protects environment and nature

In addition to the environmentally sensitive approach of NN Group, NN Life and Retirement operating under the group in Turkey also protects the environment and nature with its project. NN Life and Retirement launching the ‘You the First for Nature’ project organized in order to draw attention to nature and raise awareness in the city life on social media. More than 3 thousand 500 people attended the competition.

Sharing information about projects based on environment, NN Life and Retirement Sales and Marketing Deputy General Manager Didem Özsoy Dirican said that: “We are a company aiming to remove concerns of our customers and to maintain their living standards in their retirement and I think it is very important to protect nature at this point. As NN Life and Retirement, we embrace nature for both our own and our children’s future and we are working to raise awareness with our efforts in this area. Last year, we took the first step of our projects with the ‘You First for Nature’ competition. We drew attention to the nature trying stubbornly to flourish in our world where urbanization is rapidly increasing and nature is gradually losing its colours. In the following months, we will expand the scope of our competition to be organized for the second time.”

Didem Özsoy Dirican added that: “NN Group’s coal policy for the transition to a low-carbon economy is also a big step taken to protect the nature and I believe that it will inspire all NN Group countries.”

They built a memorial forest in İzmir donating 13.250 saplings

Explaining that as NN Life and Pension, they built memorial forest donating 13.250 saplings in total at Cumalı Village Forestation Area in Kınık district of İzmir in cooperation with Aegean Forest Foundation this year, Didem Özsoy Dirican added that: “We will continue to protect our future and environment with our nature projects.” In addition, NN Life and Pension also supported the #maskchallenge event launched by United Nations’ worldwide on June 5 under the World Environment Day on their social media accounts.



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