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The Future of Sectors was addressed by Unico Sigorta

Prominent CEOs of Turkey have attended the webinar titled "Future of Sectors-Opportunities and Risks" organized in collaboration of Unico Sigorta and Fast Company. The event, which featured famous German futurist writer Sven Gabor Janszky transporting the audience on a time voyage, was attended by around 5000 people.

Unico Sigorta, which has revolutionized what is known about the insurance sector, hosted a webinar that brought together prominent individuals from several sectors to address the "Future of the Sectors." The event, which brought together prominent names from the aviation, construction, and health sectors, all of which are important sectors of the Turkish economy, drew roughly 5,000 spectators. CEOs stated that they have begun preparations in their own companies as well, emphasizing that the pandemic's increased digitalization will affect every sector more in the future.

Ahmet Sertem Demir, “We are changing what is known about the insurance sector”

As the program's host, Unico Sigorta CEO Ahmet Sertem Demir noted that they have been working not only for Unico Sigorta but also for the sector from the first day they reported for duty, saying, "The first day we reported for duty, we have claimed that we will change what is known about the sector. In this context, we signed off on a slew of structural changes within Unico Sigorta in order to correct what we were accountable for. We began by changing our mindset, which was a major impediment to our progress. At this moment in time, Unico Sigorta has matured and has established itself as one of the most prominent companies in the Turkish insurance sector.” Demir emphasized the significance of auditing as a sector, saying, "As a well-controlled sector giving security with solid capital, we will achieve permanent and long-term growth if we make greater use of technology's blessings."

Demir stated that Unico Sigorta is on a stable profitability track as a result of the innovations they have implemented. He also stated that the strategies of insurance companies in Turkey are similar to one another, that companies conduct business with very little risk, particularly in non-auto branches, and that he believes this kills the spirit of insurance. Demir claimed that when they took over the company, there were four regions, and that they now serve with nine regional representatives, that they have agencies in 71 cities, and that they hope to have a representative office in each city by the end of 2022. Explaining that the auto insurance tariffs have been renewed and that they have created an individual auto insurance tariff in which they can produce larger premiums in July or August, Demir said, “You can see in the results of the sector that Unico Sigorta has gained momentum in health insurance. Our company will be in the top 10 in healthcare production by the end of May. This means a strategic move. We will expand into new areas of non-auto production,” he stated.

Demir highlighted the company's technological and financial accomplishments, saying, "Our company achieved a net profit of 106 million liras in exchange for its premium production of 745 million liras." Demir noted that the insurance sector's social responsibility was put to the test throughout the pandemic, and that this period was financially beneficial to policyholders.

Demir stated that he expects the insurance business to grow by 25% in nominal terms this year and next year, and that while online sales increased in all sectors during the pandemic, online sales in the insurance sector did not increase, and that intermediary providing direct service to customers should invest in technology. Demir explained that the sector expands as people's trust in insurance grows, saying, "As a well-controlled sector that delivers security with strong capital, we can achieve permanent and long-term growth if we make better use of technology's blessings." The General Director of Unico Sigorta also thanked the audience for their interest in the online event.

Sven Gabor Janszky, one of Germany's most prominent futurist writers, also spoke at the event, stating that scientific studies show that human lifetime will be longer than ever in the near future. Janszky stated that the necessity of utilizing limited resources will grow as a result of this, and that there will be advancements in this area of insurance. Jansky noted in his presentation that risks can no longer be calculated on a periodic basis, but rather on a daily or even hourly basis in the near future, and that "within a short time, people's risks will be calculated hourly." This will bring the awareness of instant insurance along with it.”

The program, which was created on the online platform in collaboration with Fast Company magazine, was live streamed on the Unico Sigorta Linkedin and Youtube profiles, as well as the Fast Company corporate website.



02 Ağu 2021 - 14:38 - Sigorta

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