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Koru Sigorta started its journey to excellence

Koru Sigorta started to implement EFQM Excellence model with the aim of sustainable success.

Koru Sigorta, attending the National Quality Movement (UKH) organized by Turkey Quality Association (KalDer) in March, began to practice “excellence model” of EFQM being most effective between models developed to ensure sustainable success in the world

Therefore Koru Sigorta became the first insurance company in the Turkish insurance sector to participate in this program based on EFQM Excellence Model as performance improvement strategy for 21 years.

EFQM is a foundation established by the European countries to recognize and promote success, as well as to guide companies that are trying to achieve sustainable success. EFQM’s partner in Turkey KalDer, believes that as developed countries, to be able to reach higher competitiveness with a solid foundation thus to be able to provide continuous improvement to reach success is possible with the spread of the philosophy of excellence both in institutions and individuals. Koru Sigorta also believed in these principles and started the journey of excellence with determination.

Koru Sigorta General Manager Soner Şahin said that: “The implementation of the excellence model is a long and challenging process that requires the determination and full participation of both managers and employees. As Koru Sigorta, we have started this process by adopting the basic concepts of excellence and declaring our determination to implement.

Implementing EFQM application, we act with the awareness of the expectations of our stakeholders. Together with our colleagues, agencies, reassurers and suppliers, we aim to develop strategies meeting and even exceeding the expectations of our customers, stakeholders and society.”

EFQM excellence model allows an evaluation of the current status of the company implementing the model. The evaluation also enables to compare the company performance with other companies at national and international level. It creates an environment for learning and disseminating the best practices among organizations of different companies. It enables an external evaluation of the current condition of the company by independent inspectors. In accordance with the Business Excellence Assessment results, the company may be rewarded with a certificate or award of quality or excellence that will contribute to company recognition. It enables the company to establish and develop a strong system for growth and becoming popular in line with the strategies of the company. As a result; it paves the way for fulfilling the expectations of all stakeholders by making a difference.

It will also be beneficial for the development of our sector and these advantages for Koru Sigorta applying the Excellence Model will be an example for other companies.



29 Tem 2019 - 20:26 - Sigorta

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