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Koru Sigorta breaks ground in the sector: Cart application

Kasım Yılmaz, Member of the Board of Directors of Koru Sigorta and Deputy General Director of Technical and Claims, claimed that the “Cart” application they developed provided convenience to agencies in sales by paving the way.

With a sustainable growth target and a client-oriented approach, Koru Sigorta operating since 2011 and having nearly 1,500 agency and broker sales channels as well as over 1,800 service points across the country, continues to meet the expectations and needs to the point with the products and services it has developed. Noting that they have paved the way for another first in the sector and provided a new convenience to their most important business partner agencies, Koru Sigorta Member of the Board of Directors of Koru Sigorta and Deputy General Director of Technical and Claims, Kasım Yılmaz made the following statement: “With the application developed based on the easiness of adding products to the cart in the online shopping websites, we now offer a similar experience to the agencies where you add the desired products to the cart and pay with a single credit card.”


Adding that they developed the “Cart” application considering a feedback received from agencies at regional agency meetings, Kasım Yılmaz noted, ” The delivery of service and the reduction of operations stands in the main focus of our technology-focused investments and digitalization activities.” We are developing our systems based on feedback from our agencies in order for them to spend more time on sales by minimizing their operations.”


Yılmaz added that they had implemented express screens for agencies to utilize during the offering stage, and he continued, “We have implemented two express screens so that our agencies can submit offers to their clients with the least amount of information on traffic and automobile insurance products.” “With the traffic and automobile insurance express screens, homeowners, personal accident, and legal protection insurance offers are automatically generated by the system and reflected on the screen of our agencies without the need for further information,” Yılmaz explained. “All generated offers can be issued on the same screen, or they can be added to the Cart for later.”


Yılmaz went on to highlight the other benefits of the Cart application, saying, “Our agencies will be able to accept payments and issue the policy for more than one product of a client by using the express screen or by adding them to the cart, as in online shopping websites.” When it is desired to be insured again, the generated offers can be completed in the cart without the requirement for additional screen by keeping them in it. Also, it will be represented in the policyholder’s statement as a single payment record, as it will collect the payment for the products on the express screens and in the cart at once and with a single card.”


Noting that as Koru Sigorta, policyholders, and agencies continue to take action with the mission of producing quick solutions for various needs and expectations, Kasım Yılmaz concluded his statement with: “With the advancements we’ve made and the applications we’ve put in place, we not only save our valuable business partners time by making transactions faster and easier, but we also lay the groundwork for more cross-selling. Hereby, we hope that our new application, which we have implemented, will generate a significant amount of revenue for our agencies.”



02 Ağu 2021 - 15:22 - Sigorta

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