So why does night discharge occur in men, what are the causes?

It is a condition faced by all men who have passed the age of puberty, night discharges.

It is a condition faced by all men who have passed the age of puberty, night discharges. Many of them can also wake up with night discharge.

Night discharge seen in men while asleep is also called nocturnal ejaculation. The person who is asleep can orgasm spontaneously and semen loss occurs. The causes of nocturnal discharge in men, which is called nocturnal emission in the medical literature, are quite diverse. See what can be the causes of nocturnal discharge in men.

Most people wake up immediately at the beginning of ejaculation. But as a result of nocturnal discharges that occur during sleep, which develops slowly, the person may become ill and may not be able to recognise it.

Nocturnal discharges occur mostly at night, but often manage to occur during the day. Rare discharges are harmless, but those that occur frequently undoubtedly affect the health of the person. This condition can lead to other irregularities in the body and should therefore be treated by a specialist doctor and the necessary medication to stop the disease. Your doctor may ask you to do various things, such as not reading pornographic publications, avoiding obscene speech and images.


This condition, which is very common in the early stages of puberty, is not problematic until it becomes very frequent. Too frequent ejaculation can cause excessive loss of seminal fluid, leading to numerous health problems. Experts state that infrequent ejaculation is a healthy process of the body to maintain a healthy reproductive system. In addition, they state that nocturnal emissions should not occur more than twice a week.

Frequent nocturnal emission can cause various sexual function losses such as low sperm count. Excessive loss of seminal fluid can also have other effects on the body, such as fatigue, hair loss and back acne.

It is important to seek and receive appropriate treatment when it comes to excessive dreaming in any person. Probably, most adult men experience wet dreams after little sexual activity. However, it is not as common among men as it is among adolescents (13-19 years old).

Men who think more about intimate activities are more likely to dream of such images and are more prone to nocturnal emission. Such dreams are one of the causes of nocturnal emission.

Erotic dreams over-activate the brain and stimulate the male ejaculatory system, leading to wet nocturnal discharges.

In addition, another important cause of nocturnal emissions is thought to be hormonal imbalances. In particular, a disturbed level of the hormone testosterone is probably a cause of this condition in men.

Furthermore, abnormal production and function of spermatozoa are also among the causes of nocturnal emission. Inappropriate sperm morphology and motility may also be responsible for nocturnal emission. An unhealthy and poorly functioning reproductive system may be unable to control the male ejaculatory system. This can directly lead to frequent ejaculation.

The other common theory, although not scientifically proven, is the removal of excess semen from the body through the body. Nocturnal discharges or ejaculations provide a kind of physiological safety valve for sexual tension.

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