Benefits and Harms of the Internet

The internet, which is the biggest product of the technology age, has started to take its place in every home.

The internet, the biggest product of the technology age, has now started to take its place in every home. The fact that the use of the Internet is increasing day by day throughout the world and Turkey and the age of Internet use is also being pulled down with each passing day. And all this brings with it many risks. Internet usage can have different and beautiful aspects as well as bad aspects.

We can liken the Internet to an unlimited world that is completely in your hands. This means that you can open every door you want in the world yourself. The key to the world is in your hands and you will decide which door to open with this key. You can enter in a way that can be useful or you can enter in a bad and useless way. The initiative is completely in your hands.

Life will welcome you in a very different and beautiful way at every entrance that can be beneficial. All you have to do is to do research and have knowledge on issues that can benefit you.


It provides fast access to information.
It allows us to learn about places we have no idea about.
It allows us to have fun with films, music and videos.
Thanks to social networking sites, it allows us to make new friendships and shares.
It is the fastest communication tool for obtaining information.


Access to false or harmful information;
Sharing of personal information,
Identity theft,
Malicious software,
Sexually explicit sites,
Child abuse,
Internet addiction ,
Health Problems (ailments that can be seen due to spending too much time on the Internet)
Online and offline communication with unknown people,
Substance use,
Copyright infringement.

31 Mar 2024 - 14:16 - English

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