Thank you visit from TOBB SAİK to AVEON GLOBAL SİGORTA

Aveon Global, which has become a privileged brand for agencies and customers with the projects it has implemented for agencies, continues to host sector non-governmental organisations.

Aveon Global, which has become a privileged brand for agencies and customers with the projects it has implemented for agencies, continues to host sector non-governmental organisations.

In this context, TOBB SAİK ( Insurance Agents Executive Committee), which is the roof institution of the agencies, visited Aveon Global Sigorta headquarters under the chairmanship of Levent Korkut. Welcomed by a delegation headed by General Manager Kemal Gül, SAİK board of directors made evaluations on the agenda. Levent Korkut emphasised the importance of strengthening the agencies for the development and change of the sector and evaluated the recent developments in the sector as an important test. Korkut emphasised the importance of implementing every decision taken in solving the problems of the sector within the opinion of all main elements. Emphasising the need for the leadership of the legislator and regulator in this respect, Korkut stressed that the process after the suspension of the activities of Gri Sigorta and Mellce is an example of this. Korkut thanked Aveon Global Insurance on behalf of all agencies for its outstanding efforts and cooperation in managing the process without making Gri and Mellce agencies and customers unhappy, and concluded his speech by underlining that the agencies will support Aveon Global Insurance, which broke new ground in the history of the sector by opening its TESK and tradesmen project and all other corporate projects to all agencies without any hesitation, with the same belonging and sincerity.

Kemal Gül, General Manager of Aveon Global, underlined in his speech that the events experienced in recent months have taught us all important things. Stating that Aveon Global, which is the investment of the Global Capital Group in Insurance in Turkey, will establish the insurtech ecosystem in the next five years and open it to the agencies, Gül underlined that although they are new in Turkey, the group they are affiliated with has an important ecosystem with serious investments in banking, payment systems and Insurance, operating in 46 countries of the world. Stating that in 2024, the projects supporting the digital transformation and product & sales capability of the agencies will continue to increase, Gül emphasized that they are aware that the market has high expectations from them regarding the traffic branch licence and that their efforts to obtain the licence are continuing and they aim to obtain the licence in 2024. Gül concluded his speech by thanking SAİK and all agencies for this meaningful visit of TOBB SAİK Board of Directors.

Aveon Global Delegation, Assistant General Managers; Oya Yıldız, Nilgün Kandemir, Melek Yılmaz, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Emrah Yaşar, Agencies Manager Assist Hülya Yaman's discussions on current issues with TOBB SAİK delegation and the visit ended with a photo shoot.

18 Şub 2024 - 14:29 - English

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