Magdeburger Sigorta Targets Top 10 in 5 Years

Magdeburger Sigorta organised the first "Regions Meeting" in Bursa, where it came together with its business partners.

Magdeburger Sigorta organised the first "Regions Meeting" in Bursa, where it came together with its business partners. The current situation of the sector and the future plans of Magdeburger Sigorta, a subsidiary of Bor Holding, were discussed in a multidimensional manner at the meeting attended by the agencies of Marmara Region. The 'Meeting of Regions' will continue with Antalya, Trabzon, Samsun, Konya, Kayseri, İstanbul, İzmir and Adana.

"670 new agencies in the last four months"

Speaking to the agency representatives at the meeting organised in Bursa with the motto "We are here for you", Ceyhan Hancıoğlu, General Manager of Magdeburger Sigorta, underlined that increasing policyholder satisfaction and improving service quality are their primary goals and said, "We plan to hold these meetings in every region after Bursa. We came together with our business partners for the first time. We attach great importance to direct contact and exchange information with them. Within the framework of our growth and innovative approach strategy, we have strengthened our agency number of 1,000 with nearly 670 new agencies added in the last 4 months. Our goal is to be among the top 10 insurance companies in Turkey within 5 years."

"We will determine our road map together"

Hancıoğlu also noted that they attach importance to creating a common synergy with all Magdeburger Sigorta agencies and said, "This first meeting was productive in order to determine our future road map, I would like to thank all our business partners in the Marmara Region for their support. I am confident that we will maintain our customer-oriented approach within the scope of our near-term targets and raise our success bar to the highest point."

Innovative and advantageous insurance product KaskolaMAG

At the "Regions Meeting" organised by Magdeburger Sigorta in Bursa, the new "KaskolaMAG" product, which will make the lives of vehicle owners easier and meet their expectations, was also introduced. KaskolaMAG, which offers up to 30% advantageous premium compared to other products, also includes many emergency services such as towing and recovery of the vehicle and road assistance. Within the scope of KaskolaMAG product, repairs performed at MAG Service are also covered by Magdeburger Insurance.

Magdeburger Sigorta's new product, KaskolaMAG, allows policyholders to maintain their no-claim discount regardless of the amount of damage if they use 55 MAG Service Centres in 47 provinces with special agreements. Vehicles repaired at MAG Service Centres are provided with a replacement vehicle during the repair period, and valet service is also offered if the vehicle delivery is in the same city.

MAG Service Network is Growing

Prior to Magdeburger Insurance's "Meeting of Regions" meeting, MUR-SER Automotive, which will serve as MAG Service in Bursa, was inaugurated with the participation of Ceyhan Hancıoğlu. Insured persons who have Magdeburger Insurance Extended Motor Insurance or KaskolaMAG product will benefit from privileged services as well as various discount opportunities when they prefer MAG Service.

With these innovative products and services, Magdeburger Sigorta aims to offer more effective and advantageous solutions to the needs of its policyholders. Aiming to reinforce its pioneering position in the sector with its innovative approach, Magdeburger Sigorta aims to maintain policyholder satisfaction at the highest level at all times.

17 Şub 2024 - 12:55 - English

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