Unico Sigorta agencies stand by the National Team at the 2024 European Football Championship

Unico Sigorta, which has gained the trust of its customers and business partners with the strength it derives from its history and its people-oriented approach, is taking the most successful agents of its motor insurance campaign to Germany on 21-23 June to support Turkey.

Serving sustainable growth by offering innovative insurance products and services, Unico Sigorta will host its most successful agents in the motor insurance campaign in Düsseldorf, Germany, to watch the Turkey - Portugal match to be played on 22 June as part of the 2024 European Football Championship. A pleasant travel programme will be waiting for the agents, where they will discover Cologne, which has maintained its importance as an important trade centre since the Middle Ages and stands out with its many historical buildings, and share the excitement of the national match.

Special match experience and team spirit

On match day, Unico Sigorta will host its agents at PRESTIGE LOUNGE, where they will have an unforgettable experience with special privileges and enjoy the excitement of the match to the fullest. Unico Sigorta will enjoy watching the match in the best category seats, authorisation to enter the stadium from special areas, food and beverage service and entertainment opportunities before, during and after the match, as well as enthusiastically supporting the National Team together with its agents.

Those who produce Motor Insurance will take their place in the Championship

For this unforgettable experience, agencies that meet the motor insurance campaign target between February 2024 and May 2024 will have the chance to closely watch and support the National team at the 2024 European Football Championship.

We Achieved Together, Let's Celebrate Together!

Making a statement about this exciting campaign, Unico Sigorta General Manager Ender Güzeler sent the following message to the agencies before the championship: "Our agents, who act as an important bridge between us and our customers in our 35-year adventure in the insurance sector, are very valuable to us. During the year, we make a significant effort to come together and share with them frequently, and we organise different travel programmes. This time, we will come together with the unifying power of football and set out to experience the excitement of the national match. This will not only be a business trip, but also an event where we will have a pleasant time together and support our team. We are already looking forward to accumulating unforgettable memories in this championship where we will experience the excitement of the national match together." He said.

06 Şub 2024 - 15:59 - English

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