"We offer insurance assurance for a greener future"

In order to leave a healthier world to future generations and to create a greener future, the use of environmentally friendly vehicles is increasing.

In order to leave a healthier world to future generations and to create a greener future, the use of environmentally friendly vehicles is increasing. Making statements about the use of electric/hybrid vehicles in the next 10 years, Nihat Kırmızı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Doğa Sigorta, said: "Electric and hybrid vehicles have a very important place in the future of the automotive industry. The demand for these vehicles is gradually increasing with their environmental, sustainability-oriented, fuel and cost advantages. While the use of electric vehicles is expected to reach 50% in the next 10 years, driverless/autonomous/integrated systems are expected to be used in 70% of vehicles with new technologies and breakthroughs. Now, consumers' preference for alternative systems such as autonomous / driverless / electric vehicles will also reduce the negative effects of greenhouse gases on the climate." Evaluating the use of electric vehicles in terms of insurance, Kırmızı said, "In terms of insurance, it is foreseen that the transition from personal-use vehicles to driverless vehicles will create a significant decrease in the frequency of damage. However, while the defect in the driver is taken into account in the event of an accident in the current auto insurances, it may be possible that the vehicle manufacturer may be found at fault in possible accidents during the use of driverless vehicles."


Referring to the contribution of environmentally friendly insurance products to sustainability, Nihat Kırmızı said, "Insurance products should also contribute to sustainability and demonstrate the importance of insurance by offering smart solutions not only for today but also for the near and distant future. Two years ago, we launched our special product Doğa'l Kasko (Doğa'l Kasko), which covers the risks that electric and hybrid vehicle owners may face, in order to raise awareness on this issue and to create products that will serve the sustainable environment. We offer insurance assurance for a greener future and continue our activities with the desire to leave a healthy world to future generations. With Doğa'l Kasko, our environmentally friendly insurance product, we cover the damages that may arise in the insured, the vehicle or third parties in cases covered by motor insurance coverage up to the coverage limits, and we do not leave our insured alone in case of damage to the vehicle due to natural disasters such as earthquake, fire, hail, landslide."

We also received information about their cooperation with Togg, which has made a sound in the sector, Mr Kırmızı said: "We have signed a cooperation with Togg, Turkey's global technology brand providing services in the field of mobility, which makes us proud. As a contemporary reflection of our advanced insurance services and solutions as Doğa Sigorta, this product has been designed with special coverage, quality service assurance and privileged guarantees for Togg T10X users.

Our product, in which we offer end-to-end digital solutions, covers the battery unit, which is the most important part of the smart device, without exemption and offers user-oriented customisable features based on the feedback received from the smart device, thanks to the privileged cooperation with Togg. This product, which we put into the service of users after an extremely comprehensive and meticulous process, is another reflection of the support and assurance we provide to electric vehicles to protect the environment. It is also a result of the importance we attach to digitalisation. Although we have put the product into service very recently, we are also happy to announce that more than 2,000 policies have been issued with our product."

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