Kerim Bağdaş: As the Turkish Insurance Association Elections Approach...

Kerim Bağdaş, Vice Chairman of Aveon Global Sigorta, has written a delightful article about the upcoming elections of the Turkish Insurance Association.

Here is Bağdaş's article:

A new management will soon be elected at TSB, our professional association that plays a major role in the development of our sector not only for Insurance companies but also for Distribution channels, particularly Agencies and Brokers.

As the elections, which we are all eagerly awaiting, are approaching, I would like to share my brief observations on the history of TSB over the last 10 years (and I am sure that many of you are of the same opinion)

During the period from 2018 to 2021, starting with the General Secretariat of Mehmet Akif Eroğlu during the presidency of Mr. Can Akın ÇAĞLAR, TSB has created an important breakthrough by succeeding in implementing a policy that spreads to the grassroots and embraces all parties without saying "but, but". Simultaneously, the visionary discourses and theoretical models that were put into practice not only attracted the attention of all sides and raised their ears, but also "solved the language". In other words, everyone embraced TSB in an environment where they openly expressed their problems and breathed the atmosphere of democracy with a fierce struggle. I have always felt indebted to thank the architects of this role model, which is out of the ordinary and which has been starved for.

TSB, which started with the presidency of Mr. Atilla Benli and came to the present day under the General Secretariat of Özgür Obalı, has embraced the legacy it has received without turning its back on it, and (in my opinion) has brought TSB to a point worthy of the 100th anniversary of our Republic. At the beginning of 2023, it would be impossible not to mention the outstanding efforts made in the earthquake disaster that took place in 9 provinces, where the expression "the disaster of the century" was incomplete. On the other hand, in the free lectern programs organized by both TSB and other institutions and organizations, every segment of society said "I'm in" without refraining from having anything to say! The TSB management's embracing, patient and constructive attitude provided serious gains to all segments. First and foremost, many new policies were put into practice thanks to the collective result of the discussion environment, and some of the gangrenous problems were taken from the dusty shelves and put on the table,

TSB has come to this day with a vision close to the field while adding a new page on the legacy of the past and institutionalizing.

I wish that whoever is elected will not destroy this bridge, but will extend it further with new building blocks and bring innovations to our sector. I think this is what suits our sector and what our country deserves.

05 Eyl 2023 - 12:38 - English

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