Last days to apply for the Smart-i Awards where Insurance Companies are awarded!

Applications for the Smart-i Awards, where innovative projects of the insurance sector will be awarded, will close on August 31. Winners will receive their awards on the Swissotel stage on September 26

Applications for the Smart Insurance Awards, organized to support the products and services of the insurance sector and the companies that develop technology for this sector, to highlight innovative projects, to share business models and experiences in their development and to encourage creativity in the sector, will close on Thursday, August 31. Applications in 8 categories for the competition, which was organized for the first time last year based on the impact of issues such as the adoption and dissemination of new generation insurance technologies by the sector and increasing efficiency by integrating digitalization into business processes on the lives of insurance companies and policyholders, continue on the website

On Wednesday, September 13, the finalists will be announced on and websites after the Smart-i Awards jury evaluation, which will start immediately after the applications close on August 31. This year's award ceremony will be held at Swissotel The Bosphorus on September 26th, within the scope of the 12th Insurance Week and the 2nd International Insurance Summit, in the presence of international guests and invitees. Guests will have the opportunity to listen to the opinion leaders and visionaries of the sector at the panel with the main theme of "Innovative Transformation" at the ceremony, which continues to claim to be the meeting point of the insurance sector. In the panel, topics such as developments in insurance and technology, the impact of the InsurTech ecosystem on these developments, the future of InsurTechs and the reflections of these developments on insurers and policyholders will be discussed at length.

The main sponsor of this special competition, which sets out with the main goal of encouraging creativity in the sector, is the Insurance Association of Turkey, while RS Automotive Group has taken its place among those supporting the project as the Silver Sponsor. Last year, 27 projects were awarded with 10 Gold, 10 Silver and 7 Bronze Smarti awards at the Smart-i Awards.

Smart-i Awards, which continues on its way as an interaction platform designed to create an ecosystem where everyone will win rather than a competition, will continue this year as a social responsibility project by supporting education programs for underprivileged young people in our country with competitor application fees.

You can also contact [email protected] to join the visionaries of the future and become a panel speaker and to be among the sponsors that encourage creativity by rewarding success.

Project implementation period: January 1, 2022 - August 31, 2023
Last day to apply: August 31, 2023
Jury meeting September 11, 2023
Announcement of the finalists September 13, 2023
Award Ceremony Thursday, September 26, 2023, Swissotel The Bosphorus
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