Insurance Association of Turkey Supports Young Earthquake Victims with 'Scholarship Fund'

The Insurance Association of Turkey continues its assistance to the earthquake region with the 'Insurance Association of Turkey Scholarship Fund' established for university students under the umbrella of the Turkish Education Foundation.

The Insurance Association of Turkey continues its assistance to the earthquake region with the 'Insurance Association of Turkey Scholarship Fund' established for university students under the umbrella of the Turkish Education Foundation. TSB President Atilla Benli: "We do not leave our earthquake victims alone in this struggle. Together with our member companies, we look to the future with hope with the excitement of being with our young people in the 100th year of our Republic, in the New Century of our country."

The Insurance Association of Turkey (TSB), the guiding organization of the insurance industry, continues to support the return of life in the region to its normal flow after the February 6 earthquakes. TSB, in cooperation with the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV), launched the 'Scholarship Fund' and will provide educational scholarship support to 100 earthquake-affected university students affected by the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş throughout their 4-year education.

Reminding that the whole of Turkey mobilized to erase the traces of the earthquakes, which were described as the disaster of the century, TSB President Atilla Benli said: "As the Insurance Association of Turkey, we have been 'one heart' since the first day and we have taken our place in this mobilization. In addition to the aids we have delivered to the region with the support of our member companies, we continue our efforts in cooperation with the relevant institutions of our state, especially SEDDK and TCIP. As insurance companies, we have taken and continue to take a series of measures, from accelerating the damage processes to opening separate lines for earthquake victims in call centers and establishing damage communication centers in the region, in order to eliminate the damages as soon as possible and to operate the damage compensation process quickly."

Reminding that they have met with their colleagues in the insurance sector, industrialists and earthquake victims many times during their visits to the region, Benli said: "We continue to support the region damaged by the February 6 earthquake both with our sectoral solutions and humanitarian aid. From the moment the magnitude of the devastation became apparent, TSB has stood by our earthquake victims and we continue our efforts with the awareness that this is a long-term struggle."

Stating that they carry out their activities with the understanding that "Insurance is Appreciation", the President of TSB continued as follows: "We, as insurers, know very well how precious life, health, providing a secure future for our loved ones, and the assets we have acquired with great efforts are, and we work hard to develop ways to protect them. On the other hand, in our culture, our most precious asset is our family. Our young people are the children of all of us, the guarantee of the bright future of our country. That is why we attach great importance to this project we have launched for our university students. We are excited to stand by our young people with the 'Scholarship Fund' that we have realized in cooperation with TEV and our member companies, and we look to the future with hope with our young people in the 100th anniversary of our Republic."

Banu Taşkın, General Manager of the Turkish Education Foundation, pointed out that the losses brought about by the disaster deeply shook everyone and made the following statements: "One of the areas where we felt the impact of the disaster the most was education. As the Turkish Education Foundation, we have been working diligently since the first day to respond to the challenges and needs of our students. With the Insurance Association of Turkey Scholarship Fund, our young people's education will not be interrupted and we will not leave them alone. We would like to express our gratitude to the Insurance Association of Turkey and its member companies for this contribution that will enlighten the life path of our students."

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